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Portland Property Management Fees

  Ahhh good old property management fees. Something a lot of companies in the Portland area seem to be shy about! Property management fees can be very extensive or very minimal

Top Things Landlords Want You to Know

Landlords are very trusting people, I mean think about trusting someone with your brand new car for an entire year! Its a big deal especially if they are renting out

2016 Landlord/ Tenant Law Updates

What was changed/added to the Oregon Landlord/Tenant Act at the start of the new year? Well not much, but nonetheless its very important to always make note of new law

#1 Way to Boost Your Rental Listings

Ask yourself what is the #1 way to boost your rental listings? Have you ever been shopping for something online and found something you like without a photo of what

Finding Tenants Faster

So you’ve purchased your new portland rental home, all of the calculations and analyzing have shown promising numbers and now you need to start finding tenants, great tenants to move

Top Traits Great Property Managers Possess

  Great property managers are not common among popular areas such as Portland, ask yourself. What things you would like to see in your property manager? Let me guess, its

Your 1st Portland Investment Home

Real estate has historically been one of the most lucrative investments you can make, and the best part is anyone can join! There are many avenues you can choose when getting

Hire ProFast, Portland’s Best

  The name says it all , ProFast property managers are always professional and always fast. There is nothing more frustrating than a licensed “professional” that is not always professional. We