Top Things Landlords Want You to Know

Landlords are very trusting people, I mean think about trusting someone with your brand new car for an entire year! Its a big deal especially if they are renting out their first home, thats a big hurdle to jump over for the first time. Landlords must know a lot about you as a potential tenant but there are some things your landlord or potential landlord wants you to know about them, heres just a few.

They will investigate you! With todays technology and information at the tip o1 Things Landlords Want You to Knowf our fingers anywhere anytime it is incredibly easy for landlords to access all the information needed to approve or deny renters in minutes! No reason to tell a little white lie about your credit score or rental history to convince the landlord that your the one. Now of course in order for anyone to legally run your screening report they must have your content. Moral of the story, don’t fib to a landlord because they will eventually know if your telling the truth or not.

Never hesitate to call or submit maintenance requests. Surely a lot of tenants don’t want to bring maintenance issues up with their landlord in the fear that they will be upset. Thats simply not the case bringing up these issues with the home owner as soon as they arise will save them money. The quicker maintenance issues are resolved the less time there is for something else to be effected by the original issue.

Stop ignoring their phone calls, a lo2 Landlords Want You to Knowt of tenants don’t ignore their landlords phone calls or emails but some may from time to time. Probably under the assumption that the landlord has news or concerns that the tenant doesn’t want to hear or deal with. But as any great tenant knows it can reflect well on them to assist their landlord at every turn, for all you know they just have a question about some new feature they had installed on the property and wanted to make sure it was functioning properly generisk levitra indien. Chances are you will get an excellent referral when you want to find a new place.

Your landlord worked hard to get to the position that they are in, take care of their investment! As a landlord they have put a lot of time an money into buying one, two, three and even more homes as investments aside from their own. A lot of the money that they make from their real estate holdings goes back into the business in some form. As a tenant of the landlord you take the responsibility of caring for their property, as if it was your own!


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