Portland Property Management Fees


Ahhh good old property fees 1management fees. Something a lot of companies in the Portland area seem to be shy about! Property management fees can be very extensive or very minimal depending 100% on company. See to my partner and I a fee or cost of service is meaningless, however the value created for each hard earned dollar spent is vital. When purchasing a service you (the buyer) is mainly concerned with solving your problem number one, creating time for yourself number two and getting value from the product or service you just purchased.

Im going to go over some examples of fees offered by some of the most popular companies around Portland that actually made it possible to view their fees online. Starting off with the guys that offer two different plans.


A “conventional plan” 8% of rents gets you rent collection, payment, and reporting for that 8% or an “Investor plan” 10% of rents collected gets you full service management WITH NO HIDDEN OR ADDITIONAL FEES, but wait they just made a clear statement fees 3don’t you agree 8% or 10% per month. Period. Skip one paragraph, then the first line reads “There is also a tenant placement fee equal to one half of one month’s rent for both the Conventional and Investor plans.”

Then you have companies with a ton of made up property management fees. $35 to put up a yard sign, $50 property survey fee, $100 setup fee, $200 Lease renewal fee, $10 per month for eviction protection, $129 per month for advertising, 50% of the first months rent and 8% per month! Keep in mind this is the only plan they offer, but hey at least they’re not hiding fees!

Finally, ProFast’s property management fees or should I say fee! 11% of monthly rents, PERIOD.       Click here for additional information apotheke-zag.de. In addition to just a single fee, if you’re not satisfied with our service after 90 days we’ll continue our agreement with you at no charge! Thats how confident we are that our team will do whatever it takes to service you at the highest level you have ever experienced. Property managers were a big decision up until now, Portland’s ONLY
property management solution. ProFast.

Don’t get me wrong sfees 2ome managers will have a similar one fee structure as we do, heck that fee may even be less then ours. What are you getting for your cost? I guarantee you that when you choose ProFast you will get 100% more commitment and service to you and our valued tenants weather they are a current tenant or a new one. Ultimately our job is to take all of our property management tasks to a level most simply will not, yes we offer owner and tenant portals like the other guys however we take the additional effort to make sure you and our tenants understand all the tools you have at your fingertips! New features are added all the time when somethings added we update everyone we work with, its important to us that you and our tenants are well informed about everything available to you. This is just one example but the truth is we do this in every aspect of our business because knowledge is power, we know you will get more from your relationship with us then you will with any other company.

Be GREAT! Because we all can always do better together.

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