Top Traits Great Property Managers Possess


1Great property managers are not common among popular areas such as Portland, ask yourself. What things you would like to see in your property manager? Let me guess, its not laziness, un-motivated, un-engaged, or dishonest. So why would you choose a property manager that possesses so much negative influence on  your investment? Let me give you a few traits that great property managers will carry.

Motivation and determination. Great property managers do not open their email at 9AM and shuts the phones down at 5PM. Anyone that can’t be in the office more t2han eight hours will not carry the motivation nor the determination to keep you, your property or your tenants happy and at ease. The motivation and determination to do better is what drives us at ProFast, we would not be in this business if we didn’t know we were giving people a better option. As Co-Owner I can guarantee that you would never find another property manager that is more motivated, determined and they will certainly never work harder for you than we will.


Yes there may be some property managers that do get to their office early and stay late but are they enthusiastic and excited to help you or your tenant at 5 AM? Chances are their not going t3o be too excited to be dealing with an issue at that time, great property managers are always enthusiastic and excited to help you! What I would suggest is while your property manager “shopping” give them a call late at night to see how they handle you. Even if they don’t answer right away how quickly do they get back to you, first thing in the morning or do they wait until the afternoon?


The will and want to learn and grow. This is one of those things that can really tell you about a person’s character. Nobody knows everything and some people that think they do can be very difficult to work with. You have found great property managers that have a want to gain new found knowledge, you have something special This shows you ProFast property managers has drive to grow their personal and professional life Which is only going to benefit you, as we learn new things we progress, property managers unfit or unwilling to learn stay stagnant and never move forward. Thats not what you want in your property manager?


ProFast is your service solution for great property managers with drive. This is not a 9 to 5, 40 hour a week job to us. Real estate is our passion.

Be Great!



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