#1 Way to Boost Your Rental Listings

Ask yourself what is the #1 way to boost your rental listings?

Have you ever been shopping for something online and found something you like without a photo of what it looks like? No, how could you! I personally don’t even bother with listings if they have no photos or even bad photos. Say your shopping for a car using the internet as a tool as most do, to save time and money by not driving around town all weekend! I see way too many listings with no photos at all and don’t bother checking them out, who knows what it actually looks like. Why drive across town just to be disappointed? You expect the majority of listings to have low quality photos, as most do. So the moment you see a great quality photo in the thumbnail your drawn to it immediately even if its not exactly what your looking for. This is what we set out to do with our professional photography and video of each of our listings, here are some of the things that make us stand out that you may not think about.

Obviously the quality, ProFast 2is partnered with a NorthWest photographer that has pleased us with the style and resolution of his photos. We believe that photos are vital to a rental listings
success so we have invested a lot of time and money to supply the proper tech and humans to operate the equipment. Not only do the people and equipment make for good photos but what your taking photos of, you don’t need a photo of the fireplace, of the flooring and the ceiling fan köpa generisk cialis. You need one photo that shows all of if not most of the features the room/ ar3 boost your rental listingsea has to offer!

Organization, quality of photos means nothing if you have them all out of order, you don’t want to show photos from the front of the home and then the first photos of the inside are of a spare bedroom. The photos must tell a story and make viewers feel like they are actually taking a tour through the home. Transition from the outside to the entry way, living/ family rooms working your way around the home. I often see photos of homes and get lost in them not knowing what room I’m in or can’t tell where an important feature is located within the home. Witch is one of the things that always frustrates me because it makes it hard to picture where my belongings would make the best fit in the home.

These are just a couple of ways great photos and video will instantly sell a tenant on your home. Without even seeing the home in person, for course most would still like to check it out but at that point its a far easier sell! So before you hire you first or your next property manager be sure you consider their photo and video process, because its something vital that will bring you reliable income quickly!

At ProFast managing real estate is not just a 9 to 5, 40 hour work week. Real estate is our passion, we are 120% invested. As we say here at ProFast, nobody can be perfect but everyone can Be GREAT!

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